About Us

WE ARE a company focused on providing pure, natural hemp oil products that promote general health and wellness. Our proprietary formulations are designed specifically for the healthcare marketplace. 

Our team of healthcare professionals and personal care experts have crafted the finest products containing full-spectrum, cannabinoid rich hemp oil that delivers powerful whole plant relief.

WE BELIEVE in promoting Wellness… the conscious and evolving process of achieving full potential; physically, mentally, spiritually, and environmentally. 

At PūrWell we strive to help people lead healthy, fulfilled lives. Follow us on Social Media (Instagram and Facebook) for lifestyle tips and words of encouragement related to fitness, healthy eating habits, nutritional supplements (yes, that includes PūrWell CBD products), and mental well-being (think meditation and yoga).

We also strongly believe in taking care of our planet, which is why all of our products come from organically grown hemp using sustainable farming techniques. Pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides are never used on our plants. The farm creates its own organic fertilizer that not only helps us grow beautiful, healthy, hemp but also helps balance the local ecosystem.

WE HOPE that you’ll love our products and we thank you for supporting us!