The Best CBD For Pain: PurWell’s Best CBD Products 

One of the many benefits of choosing PurWell’s CBD products is their ability to assist in the management of acute and chronic inflammation and discomfort. These products can be used after an intense workout or for those with chronic pain conditions.

All products are full-spectrum, which means all the natural compounds and benefits from the hemp plant are found in a highly bioavailable form in the products. This creates what is known as the entourage effect, where all of the compounds work together to naturally manage discomfort to a level that is greater than taking just one of the cannabinoids or other compounds in isolation.

Topical Options

For many people, the most effective option is PurWell’s topical CBD products. Salves can be rubbed into the skin over areas that are inflamed after a workout. Lotions are also another option. They offer a moisturizer as well, making them perfect for hands, legs, or any joint or muscle on the body. The salve or lotion can be massaged into the skin, which is also helpful in reducing stress and relieving tired muscles.

CBD roll-on is a highly effective option for the treatment of localized inflammation anywhere on the body. In addition to full spectrum CBD, this product also contains camphor, eucalyptus, peppermint, turmeric, and arnica. These are natural ingredients that help to reduce inflammation within the body at a cellular level.

These topical CBD products can be combined with CBD tincture, capsules, or gummies to provide pain management throughout the day and night.

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