PūrWell CBD Products

PūrWell’s award winning, full spectrum hemp CBD products are made from select non-GMO, Colorado grown hemp plants. Each product is packed with over 100 beneficial cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes to provide you with powerful whole plant relief…the way Mother Nature intended it.

Choose from our collection of fine products and discover the PūrWell difference.


Choosing the right product is often a matter of personal preference, but usually depends on the area of the body that needs relief or the outcome you are looking to achieve.

You may also combine multiple PūrWell products to achieve your desired results and for compounded effectiveness.


Tinctures are known for their quick absorption and high bioavailability, meaning the CBD and the other beneficial plant molecules will get into your bloodstream faster, so your body can put them to work quickly. If you are looking for something to support the entire body and mind, PurWell tinctures are a great choice.


Capsules offer the same overall effects on the body and mind as with Tinctures, except they are administered in a flavorless, vegan cellulose (HPMC) capsule. Capsules are perfect for the busy individual who prefers a discreet and convenient method of delivery, along with precise dosing.


Salves are a therapeutic topical ointment infused with full spectrum hemp extract. They are used to target specific areas of the body, like achy joints and muscles, that need immediate relief, both on the surface and in the underlying muscle tissue. Our Salves are made with organic beeswax, so they have a waxy, oil base.


Lotions are topical creams infused with full spectrum hemp extract. They provide nourishing moisturizers in combination with rapid cannabinoid absorption. Lotions may be used over the entire body or to target specific areas. They are great for everyday use to keep your skin looking great and its underlying tissues feeling even better.