Cannabidiol products have become extremely popular nowadays. People are choosing the all-natural alternative to conventional pharmaceutical drugs for a variety of reasons. It’s a more natural approach to medicating, the severity of side-effects is negligible, and it’s also more affordable. Whether it’s anxiety, or chronic pain, CBD oil might help you alleviate the problem more efficiently than conventional prescription pills. 
However, details about adequate dosing still remain partially unclear. If you’re wondering what’s the right dose, or can you overdose on CBD oil, you’re in the right place to find all the answers. Here’s everything you need to know about using this natural remedy to help with your health problems. 

How Much Is Too Much and Can You Take Too Much CBD Oil?

Because there isn’t any clear instruction on dosing, the matter can get tricky. To make the problem worse, everybody reacts differently to CBD products. It’s almost impossible to prescribe the right dose for everyone. That said, it is advised to start with small doses and increase until you see the results. 

For example, you can use one to two drops on a daily basis for a week and see how and if that solves your health problems. It’s important to notice even the smallest detail in your behavior or health. You should write down how you feel every day, everything from drowsiness to feeling lightheaded or sleepy. After a week, you should notice some changes. If you feel exactly the same after that period, you should consult with healthcare professionals and increase the dosage. What’s important is not to take too much CBD at once. This won’t solve anything, as the only way to alleviate pain or help resolve your health problems is to gradually increase dosing. 

Can a Person Overdose on CBD?

A lot of people are still wondering whether or not it’s safe to use CBD oil. So, can you overdose on CBD? The answer is you can’t. It’s as simple as that. For a person to “overdose” using cannabidiol product it would take an absurd amount (20 000 mg) of CBD oil. Then again, if you drink the same amount of water you’ll suffer water intoxication, also known as hyponatremia. 

However, this doesn’t mean that you can self-medicate and use it as much as you want. Depending on the severity of your health problem, you can increase the dosing. Bear in mind that your body will build tolerance along the way. The safe way to find the right dosage to help you achieve the desired results is to consult with a specialist or supplier or start with a small dose and increase it slowly over time until you feel that it works for you. 


How and When to Use CBD Oil?

It is safe to use this natural remedy since you can’t really overdose on CBD oil products. This leads to further questions regarding its use. The good news is that you have plenty of options when it comes to administering CBD oil. The standard way to use CBD tincture is to place it under your tongue and wait a couple of minutes until it dissolves completely. 

However, this isn’t the only way to use it. People are using CBD oil mixed with their food and drinks as well. You can eat it with your breakfast, let’s say add it to your favorite smoothie recipe. The possibilities are pretty much limitless. You’re free to experiment and find ways to ingest it through food. 

Our body produces various chemicals that are essential for it to function properly. The brain communicates by sending signals to certain receptors, which allow our organs to process food, but also instruct the immune system when defending from bacteria, etc. It was believed earlier that cannabidiol attaches to these receptors known as CB1 and CB2. Now, we know that it doesn’t actually attach to these receptors but instruct the body to produce larger quantities of the same chemical. 

So, should you use more CBD oil through food and drinks? You can, but the dosage can be tricky. To be on the safe side, start with very small doses and monitor the effects through the course of one week. As everybody reacts differently to supplements, vitamins, and substances in general, it’s important that we proceed with caution and pay attention to the reaction of the body. 

Are There Any Side Effects of Using CBD Oil?

We’ve established so far that the side effects of using CBD products aren’t exactly severe. You can, however, feel a stronger effect if you administer higher doses of CBD oil. If you compare a list of side effects of Xanax and CBD for example, you’ll probably start to appreciate the natural medicine right. 

However, a miracle pill that solves your problems the moment you ingest it doesn’t exist. In other words, there have to be some side-effects when taking any type of medication. 

Here are some of the side-effects of CBD oil and how to avoid them:

  • Xerostomia or dry mouth 

People using CBD oil will have less saliva in their mouth, so hydration is recommended. You can eat savory snacks to help with the problem. Also, everything from smoothies to vitamin drinks really helps regain normal levels of saliva. 

  • Drowsiness 

Because drowsiness is a common side-effect when using CBD, it’s important to avoid using it if you work with heavy machinery or anything similar. It goes without saying that working in that state increases the risk of causing an injury to yourself and your coworkers. 

  • Dizziness and/or lightheadedness

Because cannabidiol communicates with receptors in our body, some of which regulate our movement and balance, you might feel mild dizziness and lightheadedness. The same thing happens when you sit for too long and stand up in an instance, as the result of fluctuations in blood pressure. 

  • Lower blood pressure

Lower blood pressure is a very common side-effect. You might experience sleepiness or lack of energy, but those are only temporary. Depending on the dosage and the tolerance your body has built for cannabinoids, you may or may not experience this particular side effect. 

  • Change in appetite and diarrhea

When using CBD oil, you might notice a slight change in your diet. You won’t be as picky about what you eat, so if you’re following a strict diet, it’s best to prepare meals ahead. Diarrhea isn’t a common side-effect but it can happen. It really depends on the person using CBD oil.
If you’re thinking of using CBD oil to help alleviate your health problems, be sure to follow the instructions and prepare the dosage ahead. This way you won’t be inclined to suddenly increase the dose if you feel like it at the moment. You can prepare a dosage for the entire week, and see how that works for you. 
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