Dogs have been man’s best friend for centuries. And that is not just a figure of speech. The first discovered domestication event dates back to 13,000 BC. So, it’s only natural that we feel such a strong bond with our four-legged life companions; they’ve been with us for ages and helped us in every ailment. 
But what do we do when they are unwell? How do we treat our pets when something ails them? Giving them a handful of drugs for pain, arthritis, or chronic inflammation doesn’t sit well with everyone. Naturally, we tend to pick other methods. Methods that include natural products and a variety of ways to implement them to treat and possibly help resolve the ailment. 

CBD Benefits and Treatment 

Because CBD has a much lower percentage of psychoactive substances, like THC, your dog might benefit greatly from this compound. When used with a prescription and in the right dosage, this remedy may help with a variety of health problems in dogs. 

Because CBD has a calming effect, it’s understandable why people may try to use it to solve problems with aggressive behavior, but also arthritis or hyperactivity in dogs. This type of treatment and particular method using CBD oil is especially popular with injuries. 

What’s important is that CBD for dogs is considered safe when used properly, although it hasn’t been confirmed officially. 


Are There Any Side Effects of CBD Oil for Dogs?

Just like with any medication, whether natural CBD products or pharmacy drugs, there are potential side effects. The difference is that the list is much shorter with the natural method. Also, there is the severity of those side effects. So, are there any CBD oil for dogs side effects and how serious are they? 

Partially dry mouth, lack of saliva, and increased appetite, but also drowsiness and sleepiness, are the common side effects that come with CBD oil. And because there are no official dosage instructions issued, at least not by the FDA, there’s a possibility that your dog may suffer some of the aforementioned side effects. 

Although there wasn’t an official approval of this remedy by the U.S. Drug and Food Association, there’s an increasing percentage of people using it for their pets and themselves. 

Can there be any actual harm when using CBD oil? As one can notice, the severity of the aforementioned side effects isn’t really concerning. There might be complications with increasing doses and experimenting on your own hand, but that can be filed as improper use. Some people treat anxiety in dogs with this natural medicine, and some say that when giving higher doses to their dogs, it can lead to drowsiness. 

Can CBD oil Help a Dog With Cancer? 

Although there aren’t any confirmed and official cases of CBD oil helping with cancer, there have been records of some interesting cases related to the topic. And the matter is quite simple, there is a paradox hiding in between federal laws about CBD and veterinarians. For example, veterinarians can’t even mention the subject without risking their medical license. 

There is, however,  a document published by a non-profit association representing quite a percentage of US veterinarians (more than  91,000), called “Cannabis: What Veterinarians Need to Know.” The document depicts specific situations of intoxication in dogs, among other situations, where CBD actually helped. 

Another interesting data is that various veterinarian clinics across the U.S. are indeed open-minded to the subject of CBD oil for dogs with cancer, treatment methods as well as recommended dosage. So, the issue really falls on the quantity and proper use, common sense, and monitoring. Just like with anything that we implement in our pet’s diet, it’s important that we monitor their behavior. This way you can notice any changes to their mundane behavior as well as general health. 


Cbd Oil for Pets Dosing Recommendations

Without any official dosing recommendations, whether from the federal government or private institutions, the public remains uninformed. The products are out there, available from various sources and perfectly legal in most states. However, there is a catch. The amount of THC in these products must not exceed 0.3 percent, as regulated by federal law. In other words, every product that contains a higher percentage of psychoactive substance delta (9)-tetrahydrocannabinol is considered illegal. Levels of THC in CBD oil for dogs meet these standards. It is considered legal except in South Dakota, Idaho, and Nebraska. 

Whether you start with threats or chewable toys that have CBD oil, dogs can build a tolerance just as people can. There are no substances that can be ingested in extremely large doses that don’t have consequences. 

Eating too much chocolate can cause problems with the digestive tract, as well as other complications. But in small doses chocolate is perfectly harmless, even for dogs. If your dog accidentally gets their paws on crumbs of chocolate, you shouldn’t panic. The same goes for any other food as well as cannabinoids. A general rule of thumb is to administer 0.2 mg of CBD per pound. If you have a large dog that weights from 25-40 pounds, you can use 5 to 8 mg to treat their ailment. 

Administration and Monitoring

Using CBD oil is pretty straightforward. Having a puppy that’s aching and can’t sleep can be frustrating both for them and you. Instead of using conventional medicine that sedates the dog, but also has severe side effects, you can try using CBD oil. 

You should start with a very small dose, and observe effects for the next 24 hours. Be sure to notice any changes in their behavior and report to the closest veterinarian clinic if complications occur. 
CBD usually comes in three forms:

  • Treats
  • Capsules 
  • Oil 

Another thing to have in mind is how active your dog is and the type of injury they endured. Having muscle spasms, they’ll experience problems while playing, interacting, eating, and sleeping. Applying CBD oil and massaging the spot guarantees results. Treats are the best option when you have trouble administering capsules orally. They’ll chew and play until they absorb the cannabinoids.

The bottom line is not to act on your own hand, to follow the veterinarian’s instructions, monitor your dog’s behavior, and tend for them. They will take time to get used to the effects. The important thing is that they might benefit from CBD, and conventional medicine can have far worse side effects than this natural remedy. 
At PūrWell, you can find Pure Natural CBD Oil Tincture for your furry friend. Get in touch with our team if you have more questions about how CBD can benefit your pet or shop online today!